مقارنة القوائم

Şişli is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Istanbul. It is located in the European part of the city and includes many shopping centers, hotels, fine restaurants and towers.

This area is a major destination for visitors to see the ancient Turkish monuments in addition to its beautiful nature, where there is a lot of natural places such as the famous park Maka in Şişli , in addition to a lot of gardens that contain a number of Tulips and other rare flowers

Şişli is one of the most important malls in Istanbul and the first destination among the shopping centers of Arab tourists in particular.

Şişli has many sites in Istanbul that you should visit, such as the Ataturk Museum, one of the places of close association with Turkey and the Turkish state, and this museum contains some personal purposes of the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, in addition to containing a number of historical documents of the Turkish people

Through your walk in the Şişli area, visit the Palace of Ahlamur, a huge Ottoman palace surrounded by linden trees, which was built during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid I in the nineteenth century and includes large green areas around it

The religious architecture has its place in Şişli area, where there is a thrill mosque with white stone columns. Do not forget to visit the military museum, which is considered one of the most famous museums in Turkey. It contains about 9,000 military pieces from World War I

The restaurants have a large space in Şişli , where there are many restaurants in this area, which offers you traditional Turkish meals in addition to some Western meals amid the atmosphere of luxury and sophistication and a special taste unforgettable Turkish cuisine

 How far is Şişli from taksim

Şişli is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Istanbul, where the bustle of life and pulse is only 2 km away from the division of the center of the European section of Istanbul

Şişli can be easily reached From Taksim Square by riding the M2 subway and getting off at Şişli Station

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