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There is a lot of talk about real estate ownership in Turkey, especially foreigners owning apartments, villas and offices in Turkey, and who wonder daily about how to buy a property in Turkey or Istanbul, what procedures are required and official papers to transfer the ownership of property purchased in Turkey, and what is the tax number, A real estate in Turkey through the financing of Islamic banks, and what percentage of properties allowed to buy for foreigners in Turkey? How to extract real estate, and how to transfer money to Turkey to buy a property, what is the average price of real estate in Turkey? Is there an installment system? Is it possible to appoint a person to manage the purchase of the property in Turkey? What is the real estate tax? And what about real estate insurance in Turkey? How to manage the property remotely after buying it?

All of these questions and more are answered by Darwish Real Estate Company, which specializes in real estate consultancy and investment in Turkey.

[inwave_accordions_list preview_style1=””][inwave_accordions title=”Do foreigners have the right to own property in Turkey? when was that? And how?”]Yes, in September 2012, the Turkish Parliament passed a resolution allowing the right to own foreigners in Turkey without regard to the principle of reciprocity.[/inwave_accordions][inwave_accordions title=”What are the steps or procedures of ownership in Turkey?”]

First: choose the right property and provide the following information

  1. Copy of title deed “Tabu” or real estate statement
  2. . Copy of the location of the real estate in the municipal plan or the location statement
  3. Number of the property according to the municipality plan (especially land ownership

Second: Taking the tax number from the tax department, which is very easy.

Third: Translating the passport to the Turkish language and ratifying it from the Notary Notary with 4 personal photographs.

Fourth: Signing the purchase contract with the seller and make a payment first and preferably not more than 25% of the purchase value, conditional on the approval of security agencies and often pays 25% of the value of the property until the transfer of ownership of the buyer from the competent authorities and then pay the rest of the full amount after the approval of Directorate of the region and security authorities.

Finally, a request for transfer of ownership to the security authorities, “but if you have already owned a foreigner can transfer the property in one day” and take 45 days approval “if the property within the building did not own a foreigner. We recommend not to pay the full amount only after the approval of the security authorities.

Upon approval, the Land Registry Bureau (the instrument) is reviewed with the seller and it is preferable to bring in an interpreter to verify the accuracy of the data, the number of the property and the space; however, all such services and procedures provide a free ownership company to its customers and investors in the after sales service.

As for the expenses due to the customer and the seller from the sale and purchase tax is almost 3% of the value of the property. And a 1% tax on the value of the property against an invoice charge for the value of the property and this is paid by the buyer.

[/inwave_accordions][inwave_accordions title=”What is the tax number? How do you get it?”]

Tax Number in Turkey (vergı numarsı): It is a special number that you are sometimes asked for in legal and official transactions or to open a bank account in Turkey. This number can be obtained regardless of your official residence in Turkey easily, by:

  1. Bring a copy of your passport and find out the address of your stay in Turkey
  2. Go to the nearest Tax Administration (vergı müdürlüğü) in your area and request this number from the competent officer
  3. . The employee will enter your data into the computer and then give you a card with your tax number

[/inwave_accordions][inwave_accordions title=”Can you buy a property in Turkey by financing an Islamic bank as in the Gulf countries?”]Of course, if the bank in your country accepted the property and then transfer the payments to the owner in Turkey.[/inwave_accordions][inwave_accordions title=”How many properties you are allowed to own”][/inwave_accordions][/inwave_accordions_list]

The sale and purchase of real estate can be achieved only through the Department of Real Estate (Tabo):

The sale and purchase of real estate in Turkey according to unofficial contracts or contracts from the notary or the chosen does not mean that the ownership of the property in question has moved to the buyer, but requires that the owner of the property registration of the purchase transaction in his name in the real estate department in the land registry.

Ensure whether the real estate owner is the real owner of the property:

This is done by securing a copy of the real estate deed and checking the real estate department to check whether the information contained in the bond is identical to the information recorded in the real estate records. It is best to obtain confirmation from the employees of the real estate department.

Ensure whether the property sold is the same property offered to the buyer:

The address of the property is not mentioned in the real estate deeds. Therefore, the title of the property must be obtained by locating the property well by looking at the real estate map in the real estate department. A copy of the real estate project site can be obtained from the real estate department to check whether the property is sold Is the same property that was offered to the buyer.

Checking the restrictions of the property sold:

There are things that prevent the owner of the property from selling it or may affect the price of the property needs to be confirmed, these things are not mentioned in the real estate bonds, so you should check the Directorate of Real Estate (Tabo) and make sure by examining the real estate records of the property in question, whether there is any obstacle or A sign or order that prevents the sale of the property or affects its value. The management plan contains the rights, restrictions and debts of the landlord. When purchasing the property, these rights and debts are transferred to the new owner.

Ensure ownership of the property:

Is it a deed of title or an instrument of temporary ownership? If the title of the property in question is a temporary ownership instrument (often occurring in real estate under construction or not yet established), it must be ascertained that there are no adverse provisions that would impede or prevent the transfer The right of temporary ownership of the property to the right of permanent property after the completion of the construction, such as the existence of building permits, construction and others.

Ensure the status and condition of reconstruction of the property:

If the property concerned is a residential unit that is considered to be within the scope of the housing units (ie, whether the property is intended for housing units or is allocated for matters Other).

The use of experts and specialists in the Turkish real estate market:

The purchase of the property is very important, especially for the buyer, where there are many risks for this reason it is better to use people interested in buying property in Turkey experts experts in this matter, where Darwish Real Estate provides real estate consultancy services and make sure all the official papers of the property, Real estate involved.

Ensure that there is no tenant in the property in question and, if there is, check the date of vacancy.

Notify the Real Estate Department of the real estate price so as not to be subject to future tax penalties.

Ensure that there is no tax on the property owner concerned

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