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Question (1): Are foreigners entitled to own property?

In 2005, a law was issued allowing all foreigners – who do not have Turkish nationality – the right to own the principle of reciprocity, that is if your country allows a Turkish citizen to own in your country, you as a citizen of that country are allowed to own in Turkey also, Year 2012 so that everyone was allowed to own in Turkey, except for some minor exceptions, the most important of which are:

First, the property does not fall within a military zone or is forbidden to foreigners. This is caused by security. The problem is usually with the first non-Turkish buyer. This requires obtaining security approval that may require 45 days. However, if the first foreigner buys, For everyone else, that is, if there is a residential project or a group of land available for sale, the first non-Turkish owner is required to verify that foreigners are allowed to own in this place and then available to all on the basis of the first approval, so your question will be when you buy Are there any foreigners Turks have bought in this place before me?

Second: Some nationalities, which because of their geographical borders nearby and because of the current events in them, it is not entitled to direct ownership, for example, from the Arab countries there is a problem with those who hold Syrian nationality currently, where the Syrian property in another way and through the opening of a company in his name and then this company owns this The property, as well as any nationality that is prohibited from owning property, can be acquired in the name of your company.

Third: The maximum available for each foreigner to own a total in each of Turkey is 30 hectares or about (300 thousand meters) and if he wants to own more than that he must prove his intention that this ownership of a project requires this amount of space

Question (2): What is the tax and fees to own the property?

This was the question of the majority since the tax is 0.003% per year only. If the value of the property is $ 100 thousand, you will pay $ 300 a year to the municipality for municipal services

Are there any fees and other charges?

1) There is a monthly amount paid for the project for the same housing services and called (monthly revenue) and it is approved by the owners’ association for the same project, which is for the electricity services of the corridors, guard and landscaping services of the complex and other services ranging from (1 lira to 9 lira) per square meter, If you own (150) meters, you may pay 150 pounds per month for these services or more depending on the services in the complex (swimming pool, gymnasium, planted fields, water fountains, trees, maintenance of children’s gardens,

2) Mandatory earthquake insurance fees are approximately US $ 2 per year per square meter

3) The cost of setting up a new water meter is almost $ 200, the wages of establishing a new electricity meter is approximately $ 200, the wages of setting up a gas meter is approximately $ 100

There are also the purchase fees paid for the first time as follows:

1) Translation and certification of a passport by notary costs less than $ 100

2) Government fees for the title deed or so-called “taboo” cost less than $ 100

3) The cost of an interpreter at the time of registration of the contract is approximately $ 100

4) Purchase tax payable once upon transfer of ownership is approximately 4% of the declared value

5) Land Department fees are approximately $ 200

6) If you want to hire someone to complete the purchase, the cost of the Agency and ratification of about 200 dollars

7) If you want a lawyer to consult with you and work with you on the deal, the fees are equivalent to 1% of the value of the property and can be roughly agreed with him

The fees and charges are less than US $ 500 + 4% of the declared value of the property and are sometimes borne by the entity that sells the project as expenses included in the sale. Normally, this tax is distributed between the seller and the buyer according to the agreement

What is the value of the quest or commission marketers?

Usually the commission is equal to the seller and the buyer and is calculated by 3% on the seller and 3% on the buyer. It may be only 3% for the seller and in some projects may reach 7% according to the agreement with the marketing companies

Question (3): What are the steps to buy property in Turkey?

The steps are simple. If you are purchasing the property in your personal name, you should bring with you a paper proving your address in your country of origin. It can be obtained from any official agency in your country, preferably by the foreign and Turkish embassies in your country.

If you want to buy in the name of another person, you must bring an official agency of course be certified by the Turkish embassy in the country of extraction of the agency and then need to be ratified here in Turkey

Then you are asked to arrange:

1) A copy of your passport that is translated and authenticated by the notary public and costs about 100 USD and takes place within one hour

2) The extraction of a tax number based on the passport copy, where transactions are not only in existence and usually ends on the same day

3) Open a bank account in any bank, which requires the presence of the tax number and address proof card in your country (preferably the transfer of funds through banks as a proof of proof in case of any problems, God forbid), and usually requires a day or two and may arrive The duration of the week in the worst cases according to the bank and the complexity of its procedures

4) You choose the right property and make sure the validity of his papers and the absence of any problems on him and ask and trust in God

Question 4: What should I be sure of when buying?

Some frauds may occur and may increase on foreigners by their ignorance of laws and regulations and not knowing the secrets of fraud and fraud may occur directly or indirectly and some are simple, for example, raise prices more than the real price offered by marketers or other ways to raise the value of the property

Apart from the big scams that are buying fake or other real estate, I have not seen any of this but I have heard it and may be exaggerations or because of the great ignorance of the buyer and as we know that the law does not protect the fools

The problems that require you to consult an expert are, for example, the inability to own property for foreigners in this place as mentioned earlier or because of the lack of permits necessary for the project or because of example legal problems such as booking from the bank or mortgage or problems on the ground between partners and these problems are many and need to be an expert To study each case as the expert knows what to ask and where exactly he is looking

Question (5): Is it possible to obtain a residence or nationality in the case of ownership?

The Turkish Nationality Act is clear that you are a resident of Turkey for more than 5 years and that you have not spent more than 180 days in this five year period (6 months) outside Turkey. And then it may take another year to finish its procedures. At the same time, there is the so-called Extraordinary Nationality Act, which is given by the state to those who provide services to Turkey. This law is open. There is also the Nationality Law of Turkish Minorities or those who are proven to have Ottoman origins. Nationality and resettlement in some cases.

For housing, there is a so-called “Tabu \ residence” which you receive if the house is registered in your name in the Tabu and renewed annually, ie when the project itself ends and the residence is given to a registered address in the state.

   Source: Turkey now website

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