مقارنة القوائم

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[inwave_heading style=”style4″ preview_style_4=”” title=”Why you have to choose Turkey” description=”Own a property in Turkey, and you will easily know why the people who living here are proud of this country. There is a lot of civilizations and love.” width_heading=”80%” align=”center” font_size_desc=”26px” sub_title=”{Reality} is a fully functional theme for real estate where modern aesthetics are combined with tasteful simplicity.” font_weight_title=”500″ text_transform_title=”uppercase” color_sub_title=”#4a4a4a” font_size_sub_title=”32px” font_weight_sub_title=”300″ font_weight_description=”400″ text_transform_description=”none” class=”item-block-header” css=”.vc_custom_1553770389344{padding-bottom: 30px !important;}”][Inwave_Info_List style=”style-5″ preview_style_5=””][inwave_item_info item_image=”8570″ item_title=”real estate development” item_desc=”Modern investment projects depend on the best ways of real estate development” item_link=””][inwave_item_info item_image=”8567″ item_title=”Wonderful views” item_desc=”What we can say more than the words about the wonderful Istanbul?” item_link=””][inwave_item_info item_image=”8568″ item_title=”strategy location” item_desc=”Turkey is known as the link between the European and Asian continents, which is very important.” item_link=””][/Inwave_Info_List][Inwave_Info_List style=”style-5″ preview_style_5=””][inwave_item_info item_image=”8571″ item_title=”Architecture art” item_desc=”It is no surprise that Istanbul has recently been regarded as one of the best cities to combine modernity with beauty.” item_link=””][inwave_item_info item_image=”8566″ item_title=”Wonderful people” item_desc=”Tourists and people are very happy here” item_link=””][inwave_item_info item_image=”8569″ item_title=”The biggest airport in the world” item_desc=”There are lots of experiences that can make you hold your breath in this world, this airport is certainly one of them” item_link=””][/Inwave_Info_List]
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[inwave_heading preview_style_1=”” title=”testimonials” align=”center”][inwave_testimonials preview_style_1=”” auto_play=”yes”][inwave_testimonial_item name=”Anas al-Amri” position=”The United Arab Emirates”]Great company, quick response in providing solutions and options, respect and credibility in dealing, all thanks and respect[/inwave_testimonial_item][inwave_testimonial_item name=”Abdul Rahman bin Qana” position=”Algeria”]Honestly, the services are the best and the employees treat the top of ethics with all respect and respect. They do not reject any request. The prices (the cheapest of the Arabs) mean, in short, the quality, the trust and the saving, what I say is that God will help you and progress.[/inwave_testimonial_item][inwave_testimonial_item name=”ِAsmaa Belkhair” position=”Saudi”]The real estate needs trust … I think this is a secret that Derviş Group is trying to work on in the region .. They help you collect data, and provide you with the right information and realistic and real.[/inwave_testimonial_item][inwave_testimonial_item name=”Ahmed Ghanem” position=”Lebanon”]After an examination of real estate companies in Istanbul I decided to buy my property in Turkey through this wonderful company for many reasons …[/inwave_testimonial_item][/inwave_testimonials]
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