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Esenyurt area in Istanbul

Esenyurt region of Istanbul is located in the European section of the city, bordered by the Avglar region to the south

Belikduzu and the E-5 highway, and from the east overlooking Lake Kuchuk-Chkumja, on the western side lies Lake Büyükçekmece

It is bordered to the north by the Bahja Shahir, Arnaout Kowe, and TEM.

The area of Asniort area is 2.770 hectares and its municipality was established since 1989

The most important feature of Esenyurt area

As a result of the high turnout of foreigners in real estate investment in Turkey, the construction activity in Esenyurt has grown. Many of the luxury residential complexes and towers in the Esenyurt area of Istanbul have been built to transform the region into the most beautiful and organized areas. Now they have all the services they need. Gelişim has also been built in several hospitals and cultural centers. The area is characterized by its green gardens, with huge malls such as the Mall of Marmara Park located between it and the Pelikduzu district, the Torum Mall and the Tüyap city.

Transportation and transportation

Public transport to and from Istanbul’s Esenyurt area is available at all times and the Mitrobus line is located on the E-5 motorway, one of Istanbul’s fastest transport routes.

The most important tourist places in the area

1 – Küçükçekmece Lake:

The lake is characterized by tranquility and purity and is spread in the vicinity of a lot of parks and parks and bounded by the University of Istanbul – Avglar branch. Many of the residential projects in areas close to this lake.

2- Gaziler Parkı:

وIt is one of the most famous parks in the area. The park is the center of the Asniuart area and gives the region an extra beauty, with its long lanes, games and places to eat above the grass and many services.

Urban activity in Esenyurt area

As mentioned previously, Istanbul’s Esenyurt region is witnessing significant urban development. Construction and design companies compete to produce the finest residential projects, transforming the area from a submerged area into an area full of towers and mega projects. Istanbul within these complexes, due to a large number of projects and to cheap land in the region in general compared to other tourist areas.

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