مقارنة القوائم

The city of wheat, one of the 39 provinces of the second level in the Turkish city of Istanbul, according to 2012 statistics, the population of the region reached 311095 people.


Başakşehir is located in the European section of Istanbul. It is bordered to the north by Lake Sazli Diri, which is considered the most important store of fresh water that feeds some areas of Istanbul and the Marmara Sea to the south, surrounded by the region of Paglar, Esnlar region, Sultan Gazi region, Küçükçekmece area, Esenyurt region, Avcılar and Arnavutköy.


It was once known to have supplied the gunpowder to the Ottoman army. It was called “Aimelak.” After that, the Resenli farm was established, in the name of an officer named Resnelli Niazi from the city of Resin, who was one of the heroes of the Turkish youth revolution in 1908. In 2009, The area of Başakşehir has been established and its own municipality.


The area is the most important area of Istanbul’s new third airport, near the Istanbul water canal, which is planned to be one of the largest projects in Turkey, in addition to the third Istanbul Bridge Sultan Yavoz Suleiman Bridge, which will pass from it soon after completion.

Başakşehir metro

There are public transport stations in the area, which ensure access to the most important areas of Istanbul, including Ataturk Airport, which is only 22 km from the area, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, as well as Başakşehir Metro which connects the area in Kirazli region and thus has surpassed several stations and regions in Istanbul.

How far is Başakşehir from Taksim?

Situated in a strategic area of Istanbul, it is not far from Taksim and the city’s other famous districts.

Arab presence in it

Başakşehir has witnessed an influx of foreign investors in recent years, especially Arabs and investors from the Gulf countries in particular. They prefer to invest in the region from other regions of Istanbul, where the Arabs now account for 65% of the total population. The original.

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